Moving forward is hard when you keep looking back over your shoulder at a life once lived. Letting go is tricky; it rips you apart, smashes your heart into dust, and leaves you feeling empty inside. Yet, in the long run you will heal. Now that sounds like a load of bullshit right at this moment but trust me it gets better.

The heartache will end, the scars will fade, and the tears will dry. The memories, they won’t be leaving; but, they will become a photo album in your mind of this chapter of your life. This chapter can’t be ripped out of your book nor should it. It has happened and it has shaped you in some way. Never regret it because then you will be regretting yourself. You chose that person to be in your life and to share those moments because that person meant something to you. No matter how good it once was or how bad it got; that person meant something special to you. You can’t regret that. It will make you hard; but, you can learn from it, grow a little more, and when you have healed from the heartbreak, appreciate those moments with that person.