How do you purge an entire person from your heart and soul?

How can you rip out every fiber of their being from under your skin?

How do you make their voice stop echoing in your ears?

How do you wipe clean the memories in your mind?

I have no answers for any of these questions.  I only have the pain of carrying you way too deep within me.  You are the anchor holding me down away from the sun.  Dragging me deeper and deeper into the dark abyss.

You broke my wings and let me to plummet to the ground.  You were never going to catch me; but, I blinded myself to believe in you, to believe in us, a future, a promise, a vow.  It was never really there. Just words with no meaning.

The day you asked if you could keep me was the day I should have ran the other way.

The day you left me with no reason, I should have burned you from my life.  Made you a pile of ash to be blown away in the wind.

The day you came back, I should have cut ties.